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  • I thought if I took this and went back to the California gold rush, then I could recover. Despite the hunger she brought out in him, the thought sent a wave of dread through him.
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  • He smiled at her, she still radiated in innocence, even after all that she d been through. I hope it s alright if I feed him while I eat.
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    She picked up her tote bag and flung it over her shoulder. Screaming, she clung to him and inadvertently covered his eyes.
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  • Narrowing his eyes at her, he said, You d better watch it. She stood there speechless on wobbly legs, with her face tilted toward him and eyes closed for at least a full two minutes before her lashes fluttered and she remembered where she was and what he wanted to do for her.
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    He wasn t chained to her for the rest of his life!

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  • When each of her classes ended she rushed for the door, trying to avoid more questions and odd stares. They were going to Seattle so she could meet his family.
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  • What s going on? he asked, keeping his voice low enough so no one would hear them. If you were to turn against me to protect a mere mortal I know where my loyalty lays father.

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    Actually if it hadn t been for him redirecting their attention back to her by asking them what they thought of that one, whatever it was she had on at the time, she doubted they would 158 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story even know she existed. Megan picked up her fork and poked a good heaping of scrambled eggs and took a bite, noting the hint of salt and cheese in them.

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